22 Oct 2015

Check out our app Garden Mentor

Frustrated by the sheer ridiculousness, inaccuracies or just totally wrong information that’s out there in the mobile app form on trees, shrubs, grasses, roses, bulbs and perennials. We began at first to collate data for our own use. We thought it would be a good idea to create an app that can be used at home, when in the garden or out buying plants.

The app works on both android and iphones and can be downloaded onto an iPad.

Perfect for both enthusiasts and professionals alike, browse or search a detailed alphabetical guide.

Create a list of your own plants by selecting them from the database. Then make gardening easy by using the garden mentor monthly reminders of important care prompts for pruning and care to tick off all the jobs to do in your garden…..never get pruning time wrong again!

Several conditions and requirements can also be put into the app to search for a list of possible plants for a particular site.

Providing detailed information on soil requirements, hardiness, moisture, light, care, pests and diseases. Detailed flower and leaf guide.

It is easy to use and beautiful, with over 1,500 entries. Also has U.S zoning for hardiness for American gardeners.

We worked very hard with the programmers, 1 minus 1 in Farnham, Surrey to produce a product that we are proud of and often use ourselves.

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